When you have a sense of your own identity and a vision of where you want to go in your life, you then have the basis for reaching out to the world and going after your dreams for a better life. Stedman Graham

How often do you have a fantastic idea that you are really excited about and you can’t wait to tell everyone about it?  Don’t do it!  The way to hold on to your vision and bring it to reality is to keep quiet and take daily action.  This means doing something every day to move you towards creating your vision.

What happens when you tell a whole bunch of people what you are going to do and someone says, “how are you going to do that? That’s a dumb idea or that will never work or that is going to be hard!”  You have just weakened the energy you have for your desire.  How often do you then start doubting yourself?  Come up with all kinds of reasons/ rational lies as to why your idea is really not that good?

Of course there are people who you know will support you unconditionally and people that you can ask for help.  Use your discretion when sharing your vision, your dreams.  Try holding your vision close to you heart, keep your mouth shut,  take daily action, and experience the power you have within yourself to create a life of purpose and passion!

There is some truth to the video posted here.


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