So often we live our lives from a place of doing what we think we should be doing or what we feel is expected of us. How many of you had a dream or vision of what you wanted to be when you grew up? What happened to those dreams? If you are saying, “I didn’t have any dreams or aspirations.” I would invite you to spend some time reflecting upon that question.

I was working with a client that said those exact words to me and upon further inquiry he remembered a time when he wanted an electric typewriter for his birthday because he was excited and passionate about writing and felt this typewriter would help him immensely. When he received a manual typewriter instead he was so disappointed that he stopped writing. I said to him, “That’s it! That was your childhood dream that you abandoned and perhaps you may want to start writing.” He has started to write and made a commitment to write everyday to see where it takes him. He is now taking action and who knows where this will lead. Doing nothing will certainly have you ending up in the same place your are now.

If we are not doing the things we are passionate about, what is our motivation for living, for striving to thrive, for creating our dreams?

I love this video for this woman is so passionate about her life purpose that she refused to give up in the face of death and never singing again.

Singing after a double lung transplant

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