“Life reflects your own thoughts back to you.”  Napoleon Hill

I am living my life supported by my  family, friends and a community that have a desire for me to live from my highest and best potential . This allows me  be of service to others and have lots of fun doing so.  My home that I share with my husband, daughter, dog and 2 cats is my sanctuary and nourishes me emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.  Though I am visioning hiring a cook for the physical part. My husband used to cook for me but he is too busy creating his own vision these days.

Right now I am working my butt off to learn all the technology required to move forward with A year of possibilities.  I remember, at times, to BREATHE, stay present and say, “YES” to what I need to do today and not worry about tomorrow or worry about my past mistakes. Like repeating myself in my Inspirational Minute that went out on thursday.  Darn, do you know how many times I proof read those paragraphs?

I am still facilitating The Hoffman Process and my next adventure is to Mistissini, Quebec to facilitate at a 1st Nations Reserve for 16 women healers in their community.  How blessed am I?

I just received my Science of Mind 200 certificate and I am now preparing to write my entrance exam for the Spiritual Practitioner Training at the Centre for Spiritual Living.  I am very excited to get started with this!

Life is wonderful and I am still holding a HUGE vision for myself!

Where are you in your life and how big is your vision?

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