What makes you feel good? What choices are you making that nourish you mentally, physically and spiritually?

In every moment, we are making a choice that supports our well-being or is eroding the quality of our life. Sometimes they are conscious and sometimes they are automatic habits. When we do something that is not supporting our well-being, we can have all kinds of rationalizations – rational lies, as to why we did what we did. “It’s ok this one time, tomorrow I will do something different, I really need this now, I’m too tired, there isn’t enough time.”

Sometimes we feel like we don’t have a choice. We believe are limited by our circumstances. This is never the case. Our greatest assets are the we have a mind, we can think, learn and discern. We have free will choice to respond differently to our experience and choose.

Next time you find yourself in a habit is not loving and healthy for you, stop, breathe and step back from the emotion of the moment. Then take the time to ask yourself the following: “does this choice really bring me the feeling of freedom I desire? Does this choice support my well-being mentally, physically and spiritually? I am I really being loving to myself?”

It is always helpful to reflect on what the long-term consequences of our choice might be. There are consequences with every choice and we are fully responsible for our choice and the consequences we experience. It may feel unfamiliar at first to choose what truly nourishes you. The more you practice, the better you will feel. You are worth it!

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