In some area of our life, we have bought into an idea that we are not enough or unworthy of goodness. It’s hard to escape that belief since it is a part of our collective consciousness in the world. There is a universal lack consciously or unconsciously in our minds and the minds of many, a Universal not enough-ness.

Some of the ways that we focus on where there is a lack are: not enough money, not enough beauty, not enough peace, not enough fun, not enough love, not enough kindness, not enough time, not enough energy, not enough talent, not enough education, not enough power, not enough integrity. I think you get the picture.

This energy and belief of not enough ends up creating a feeling of tightness, limitation, and a feeling of constriction. This tightness prevents us from receiving anything more than the lack or limitation we are perceiving and proves to us that there isn’t enough. More lack and not-enough-ness is realized, perpetuating the belief system.

Here is a great tool to get yourself out of unworthiness and not-enoughness consciousness.

1. Awareness is curative – 95% of our beliefs live in our unconscious mind. You can become aware of your beliefs by looking at the areas of your life where you are experiencing lack and ask the question. What do I believe about myself? What do I feel about myself? Be honest, benevolent and inquire without judging yourself.

2. Know that you have a point of choice. Once you are aware of your lack or sense of unworthiness, ask if this is a truth about you? Is this an idea that you bought into consciously or unconsciously and then decide. Decide that this is no longer true about you or for you.

3. The action is imperative to change the belief into a lasting new way of being. While awareness and making a choice for something different are the first two steps, taking action and creating a new feeling of worthiness, and enough-ness over and over again is the final step to creating a new way of being and then a new experience in your life that supports your worthiness factor.

Affirmation: I release the limitations of there is not enough. I am willing to receive all the goodness of life knowing I am worthy of it all.

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