“Dare to love yourself
as if you were a rainbow
with gold at both ends.”
― Aberjhani,
How often are you looking to improve your relationships with your spouse, partner, children, other family members, friends and colleagues in order to feel like you are enough? How often do you allow what others think of you to define yourself?

We are conditioned to look for love and approval from others starting with our parents at a very early age. We do need that love and approval from them and often we did not receive it the way that we needed in order to feel like we are enough. Therefore we expect those needs consciously or unconsciously to be fulfilled by others.

It is not that it is wrong to desire receiving love and appreciation from others. The dangerous part is, that we set ourselves up for disappointment when those needs are not met again and again. We end up feeling poorly about ourselves. We actually turn against ourselves or make others wrong for not meeting our expectations.

The most important relationship you can cultivate is with yourself. A loving, benevolent, compassionate relationship with yourself. A relationship of self-reliance and resiliency. One where you are intimately loving yourself fully and completely. This means loving yourself wholly, not just when you do something well. Loving yourself when you make mistakes.

Come to the understanding that you are a truly Divine Being, you are here for a purpose. You are on a journey of discovering how loveable, beautiful and whole you truly are. All the mistakes, (missing the mark) are wonderful opportunities for you strengthen your relationship with yourself. To grow and expand into unconditional love for yourself.

Today, place your hands on your heart, breathe, and declare for yourself, “I am love, I am infinite love, this is my truth.”

When you change, you change the world around you. It is truly magical!

Affirmation: I declare my love for myself. I embody and live from the Truth of who I am. I AM LOVE

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