What is the meaning of life? To be happy and useful.
     – Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama

Did you know that this is it?

This is your amazing life to create and experience and how you choose to experience it is up to you. I love the name of a Poem by Mary Oliver: “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?”

A vision for your life is not about acquiring all the stuff that we think will make us happy or make us look good in the world. A vision is soul driven, purpose driven. It is about listening to Spirit’s calling for us to live a life that raised our vibration to a higher level of  consciousness so that we are creating life filled with passion, purpose, joy, abundance, compassion, forgiveness and love. A life that is magnificent and bigger than us. Bigger that what we think up here we are capable of.

I started to understand the power of visioning in 1992 when I took a personal development program. I have to tell you that before I took this Process, I was living a pretty amazing life on some accounts and there were lots of aspects that were created out of pain, fear and rebellion and I was dysfunctionally independent, meaning I didn’t need anyone and no one was going to take away my freedom. On the last day of the program I wrote a list of all the things I envisioned for my life. Well Spirit had me envision a life – partner, envision a family, I envisioned a lovely home and garden, dog, I envisioned travel and I envisioned a way to being of service in the world. That was not how I had been living my life up until that point.

A funny thing happened the following Monday after the workshop, my now husband walked into my office, we had been friends for a while, and said to me “I’m now single and I would like to take you out,” and I said, “I’m now ready.” We have been together ever since. A few years later we had our daughter and then I went through the Facilitator Training Program of that same Personal Development program and have been teaching for the last 16 years. So I got to be of service.

A component of the program is visioning and I would constantly hear stories about how people had this vision of a house and were now living in it or now had their dream job. One couple independently of each other ended up writing out the same vision and they too were living it. Most of all they were happy! I knew this process was very powerful and wondered about how could I get this out to a lot of people and keep them inspired to continue on their journey when things got tough and they felt like it wasn’t happening for them.

In 2007 when my daughter turned 13 I looked at her and realized that I was the same age when my mom became ill with cancer and for 7 years was not available to me as a mom for she was fighting for her life. I wanted my daughter to have a mom at home as she transitioned into high school. I felt very lucky that I had the awareness and ability to be present for my daughter in a way I had not experienced.

Being at home with a fair amount of time to reflect, I started to asked the question, “what is next for me on my journey?” That was when Ministry kept showing up for me. I took a class at the Centre for Spiritual Living Toronto about Lectures written in the late 1800’s on the Laws of the Universe. I was required write a book report from a list of authors I had never heard have. The one I choose was called Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrand written in the early 1900’s, it turned out to be about the power of visioning. This resonated with me and I was inspired to write my book A year of possibilities, create a life of purpose and passion. This is a visioning program that empowers you to tap into your own potential and power to create a vision and take daily action towards manifesting your vision.

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