If you have a dream for something, hold firm to it! Have the confidence to command that the Universe manifests what you desire. Affirm your faith of the field of infinite potentiality.

There is a beneficent presence in the Universe awaiting your command. You hold the life key to your goodness. It is the thoughts, and words of love, light, joy, beauty, grace, wisdom, abundance and health. Stand firm in this truth, knowing and feeling that this is your true nature.

It is not what we do; it is the firmness of what we think and say that manifests. Despite any upsetting circumstances, we must have faith in the successful manifestation of our dreams. It is like a gallant ship plowing through the stormy seas to reach its destination. We must have the confidence to command our greatness!

Affirmation: I command greatness, goodness. I command that my dreams become my reality.

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