Testimonial: “Thank you for creating the workbook, A year of possibilities! After completing the Hoffman Process a few years ago, I had been looking for a guided journal to help foster a commitment to living more divinely. Your book has nurtured a focus in myself I never knew existed.

I love to think about the clarity I gained from completing just the first few pages. Selecting my 5 top desires has developed almost like a 5 point plan to living in my star-like existence. Any wonder a star has 5 points as well??!!

I have created boundaries for myself, set BIG goals, and found small steps in achieving them. I feel from this energy I have put out there, things have shifted and the energy has come back to me adding more fuel to my fire. Exciting!

Thank you for the opportunity this book has given me to re-ignite my passion for my life and the endless possibilities that are here for me.”

Much love and light,
Christie Spence

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