One of the tips I always give to people who have a vision and goals is, don’t talk about your vision with others. Sometimes people are really surprised by this. I say, “hold the spark of your vision in your belly and let it roar within to motivate you into taking action.” You are the one with the power to manifest your vision. Allow your highest creative potential to be fully activated within vs. having others dampen your desires with their fears and doubts.

Have you heard the quote by Jim Rohn? “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Do you spend time with people who are dynamic, have a vision for their life, open-hearted, loving and committed to excellence? Or, are you spending time with people who are too afraid to have the deeper conversations, defended, argumentative and unwilling to take responsibility to move to higher ground?

We either surround ourselves with people who will either help or impede our life and it is important to choose wisely whom we share with. Inevitably, the people we spend the most time with, have an impact on us. We often allow ourselves to be influenced without any awareness that it is happening. They can affect what we feel, what we believe, what we think about, and the decisions we make.

In having clarity about what we desire to experience; we can ask the question, “No matter what is happening right now, what is the perfect right action for me? What serves my highest and best good and move me towards my vision?” At times, it seems easier to keep everyone else happy. The choice of pleasing others first ultimately does not support us. We have made decisions based on the effects of the moment rather than what truly serves our highest and best good.

Where are we placing our faith? In circumstances or, the power of our vision?

I say, “BE BOLD, take a step forward and unleash your Spirit! Spirit is uncompromising in your quest for all that you desire to experience!
And… surround yourself with people who support your highest good no matter what.

Affirmation: I make bold choices that move me towards my vision.

Love and Light,
Helen Valleau RScP

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