There is a lot of talk about diet and how to feed your body healthy nutrition. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of talk or even TV advertisements about what to feed your mind.

The food we feed our body has an effect on our health tomorrow. The thoughts we feed our mind also impacts what we experience in the future. It is infinitely more loving to feed our mind a consistent diet of constructive, healthy and beneficial thoughts affecting how we feel about ourselves. When our mind and feelings are different, it affects the way we communicate, take action and our energy levels.

Thoughts, beliefs and where we place our faith creates the conditions of our life. Fear is misplaced faith. That we are putting our faith in; FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. If we are living on a steady diet of negative thinking, this reinforces our negative beliefs, and what shows up in our life is more stress, struggle and angst. There’s the proof in the pudding that life sucks, and we place our faith in the negative.

This week I invite you to go on a diet of healthy, loving, constructive thinking. Every time a negative thought, judgement or reaction shows up, take a deep breath, say “no thanks” and focus your mind on what you’re grateful for in your life. Focus your mind on what is good and loving for you. Where the rubber hits the road, is in doing it over and over and over. You have had years of habitually feeding your mind what doesn’t ultimately serve you. Like any lifestyle change, it takes practice, persistence and conviction that you are worthy of something better. AND YOU ARE!!!!!!

Affirmation: I am feeding my mind a constant diet of loving kindness, goodness and positivity.

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