My Mother had a saying when I was growing up. “Jack of all Trades, Master of None” There is wisdom in those words, I didn’t know it at the time and spent much of my life trying to prove her wrong by achieving and giving myself as many experiences while being unclear on what I wanted to master.

In our need to be the thing/s we think defines us we have forgotten the most important aspect of what truly defines who we are. Our Heart. We live in a world where we’ve been rewarded for our accomplishments, degrees, experiences The more accumulated, the better we look to others.

We live in a Universe of love. We are created to know and experience the full dimensions of Divine Love. This Divine Love can only be experienced through
our heart. This Divine Love can touch the most tender places of our being.
Human emotion can cultivate a field of sensitivity, intimacy, and vulnerability that can bring us into a greater knowing of ourselves and connectedness to our Oneness, and feel the Universal presence of love.

The science of the heart is a science of quality, not quantity. It is the depth of love that we wish to feel down where Spirit meets the bone. Despite all outside appearances, we most desire to know the depths of love.

Our relationship with the Divine is the most treasured experience. It’s the Heart that is the organ, (recently defined as a gland, because it secretes hormones to
all parts of the body) of relationship. When the heart is numb, life is about things and people become objects. This numbness of the heart is what real poverty is. It’s not the lack of material wealth, It’s a lack of joy, passion, love and appreciation for all the beauty and abundance that life has to offer. How can we deeply
appreciate the accumulation of material wealth when our hearts are numb to
the riches of life?

When the heart is awakened; we sense the energy of aliveness, joy, and connectedness with all life. It is the recognition of the qualities of tenderness, forgiveness, compassion, generosity, beauty and meaning. Living life from these feelings is Mastery of the Heart! Our heart is the instrument that senses this value. The most important things in life are invisible. The nature of all Reality is Love. The way to know it, to live it, is from the Heart.

Affirmation: I am a Master of Love. I am the Master of my Heart. I feel the melting of all hurt and defences by the infinite love in my Heart.


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