Helen Valleau is an extremely skilled coach and mentor. I have had the good fortune of working with Helen for over 2 years. In this time, I have achieved countless personal goals and milestones with Helen’s support. I attribute this to the degree of trust I was able to develop with Helen’s intuitive, astute and laser-beam perspective.

The clarity I have been able to achieve with Helen’s guidance is clearly due to her grounded, disciplined and absolutely focussed listening skills. Helen has acted as a very clear “mirror” for my personal progress and NEVER imposed her values, judgements or beliefs on me. However, she also dared to be direct and just as “laser-like” with her words when I needed the “push”.

A real plus is the foundation of Hoffman Quadrinity Process Skills that Helen has mastered to the level of Head Instructor…ie teacher of teachers. As such, exercises that Helen assigns are clearly well established and – they work!

One thing I will be forever grateful to Helen for is my little dog Piper Joy. Helen heard the longing and loneliness in my words and challenged me to “get another dog” despite my protestations. Because I trusted Helen and because it “felt right”, Piper Joy is my delightful ray of sunshine each and every day. Clearly Helen’s coaching and support has been for all aspects my life.

Marian Roper BScN (Nursing), MCS
(Master Communication Studies)
Restorative Nutritional Resources

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