Yes, it’s in the air. The spirit of LOVE once more warms this distraught world. Love is what is exploding through the pain and loss experienced on Sunday in Orlando. Throughout the world, millions of us are looking forward to that day when our differences will be respected and honoured and when we will all remember that we are ONE and LOVE RULES. It will happen.

Many of us have experienced times when we felt forgotten, hurt, unloved or unloveable When we experience pain we have good reason to be angry and afraid. There are many other injustices are causing real suffering, but we cannot fight violence with violence. Only the contemplative mind can hold light and dark together; only unitive consciousness allows transformation at the deepest levels.”The power that each of us has is that we can turn injury into wisdom. Out of wisdom; integrity, honour, respect and the understanding that it is our individual expression of life that contributes to a beautiful, creative and exciting life on this planet.

We can create the world where we live happily and secure. because each of us, in our way, can contribute to our life’s full worth, and purpose. Then we will no experience fear, discord and violence. We will live in peace and joy, rising above chaos and adversity. Let’s focus on LOVE RULES and contribute to a better life for everyone.


I’m proud to announce that I am officially a Reverend. I passed my orals.. Just like giving birth, the process was intense, and I am deeply grateful for the end result. Thank you to everyone for your congratulations.

Next step…launch my programs!

Love and Light,

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