I decided to make 2017 the year to Live From My Heart. What this means for me is, I’m committed to being conscious when I’m in a state of judgment, criticism, and attachment. To dropping down into my heart space, take the time for some heart-focused breathing so I can let go of my judgments and respond healthfully from my heart.

Heart-focused breathing: focusing your breath is an effective way to begin to alleviate the vicious cycles of the energy drain from over thinking and rationalizations – rational lies. Think of heart-focused breathing as an effective practice to create a physiological shift from stress to balance and resilience. It creates the space for you to respond with loving kindness vs. anger, resentment, and cynicism.

Focusing on the heart is amazingly simple and starts the shift. Where ever we focus our attention we increase blood flow and since our heart is the first brain in the body its a great place to focus your attention. There is a lot of wisdom in your heart. Get to know it, trust it and allow your heart to lead the way. The results will be remarkably constructive.

I invite you to practice this simple technique and experience the results. Life is way too short to stay stressed and drained of energy. Be grateful for the gifts of life and focus your feelings of gratitude through your heart. Really get that blood flowing through your heart and experience an increase of energy and lightness of being.

Affirmation: My heart is one amazingly wise place to create my life from.

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