“All motion is cyclic. It circulates to the limits of its possibilities and then returns to its starting point.” ~Robert Collier

I am constantly amazed and inspired by meditation and what insights I come away with.  When I open myself up to receiving messages and I am feeling oneness with all there is, the perfect message comes to me.  My vision for my life becomes clearer and more defined. The certainty I feel and the action I take to live in joy and experience more passion and fulfillment is exciting for me.

The funny thing is that my husband is experiencing the same thing.  He is receiving  an abundance of opportunities to rebuild his vision.  He thought his previous vision was finished and he has embarked on a number of other opportunities in the last few months. It seems like his previous vision is now being resurrected and another opportunity to recreate it is on the table.  The wonderful thing about this is that he is feeling inspired, passionate and empowered to take his vision to a whole new level.

Life really does come full circle in ways that we could never imagine.  We just need to stay open to the possibilities and say, “YES!”, when they present themselves.

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