“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

I love taking classes.  After a seven month hiatus from classes and my practitioner studies it is wonderful to be back in a learning environment.  It is all fine and dandy to read a book, listen to an inspirational speaker, and meditate daily but the rubber hits the road for me when I am challenged and expanding my consciousness when attending a class. Learning about human potential and the infinite possibilities that are available to all of us really excites me for I know that the more I apply the principles I learn the better my life becomes.

If you think of the 4 stages of learning; Unconscious Incompetence, Conscious Incompetence, Conscious Competence & Unconscious Competence, being a life long learner takes you from what you don’t know to what you do know.  That is the first 2 stages of learning and then it is up to me to embody what I have learned and practice it over and over again until I have mastered the concept to become unconsciously competent.

My affirmation for today is:  I am open to learning and experiencing life with ease, joy, and grace.  I embody all that I have learned knowing that as I expand my consciousness I am empowered to receive the infinite possibilities available to me.

Love and Light,

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