Our mental equivalent is expressed in the material expression of our life. Our home, finances, the kind of body we have (in shape and healthy or not), the work we do and the people we have in our life is a mirror for what we hold in our subconscious mind.

This past weekend when speaking at a Business Mastery Seminar for Naturopathic doctors, I learned that it is common that when Naturopaths graduate from college they have very little knowledge about running a business and many have a poverty consciousness therefore, their mental equivalent is small when it comes to making money.

I asked the participants to write down the amount that they would like to make in 2012. When I asked them how they felt about that, most were pretty excited and positive. Then I asked them to put 2 zeros behind their number. Every person felt it wasn’t possible to achieve that amount.

Why do some believe that making a certain amount is impossible and others don’t bat an eye at the amount and manifest in record time? It is what we believe we are worth and that is what we attract into our life.

This year I am choosing to expand my mental equivalent and demonstrate abundance on many levels. Health, body, finances, education, and career. Everyday I spend 5 – 10 minutes focusing my mind on my burning desires and see, feel and experience myself living these desires by being connected to what this feels like and holding a clear mental picture in my mind. I then affirm the truth that the power and presence of the Universe is everywhere present filled with infinite possibility, infinite goodness, love and Light. Since I am a part of this energy, I am all that I desire, I am abundant, prosperous, healthy, and my business is soaring. I exude love, Light and goodness. I feel love, peace, joy, and excitement. I am grateful for my abundant life. I let go knowing it is already done in the Law of Mind. And so it is!

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It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.
~Emmet Fox

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