take action imageSometimes I find my fear of not getting things right paralyzes me from taking action. It is at these times that I take a breath and say to myself, “Let this be a teachable moment.” By teachable moments I mean, if I make a mistake or something isn’t perfect it is OK, there is always something to learn about myself or perhaps the situation.

The other night I uploaded a sample of my latest book to Create Space, a print-on-demand, self-publishing website associated with Amazon. I then posted the link on Facebook for friends to see and leave their comments. Much to my dismay a client contacted me to let me know that there was a word missing in one of the thank you’s. At first I felt embarrassed and then I was grateful that it was a sample and not the finished product so it is a great thing that the mistake was found.

It took me so long to even get the sample up because I was in fear that it wasn’t good enough. The funny thing is, that had I not posted the sample, the mistake may have been overlooked.

When I shift out of fear and do it anyway knowing that how it lands will always be a teachable moment, I seem to get a lot more done. See what happens for you.

Love and Light,

PS. Have a look at the sample of 100 Minutes of Inspiration here: www.createspace.com/Preview/1091565 and please leave your feedback. If you find any more typos please be sure to let me know!

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