“You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your desires on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be.”   Mark Victor Hansen

I believe everyone has the ability to connect to his or her own power within and awaken yourself to your unlimited potential. That there is a calling from your spirit to be, create and live a life that is more meaningful, joyful and loving than you thought possible.

If you don’t have a vision for your life then most likely you are either:

  • Running around like crazy in all of your busyness micro-managing and trying to control your life and everyone in it, and feel more and more disconnected from yourself and others and totally burn yourself out.


  • You are getting life by default. Life happens to you and you feel powerless and like a victim. Yes life happens to you instead of through you with ease, joy, grace and love.

When you have a Vision there are a few things that you must do in order to continue moving forward on your journey.


This is where we shift out of the negative thinking and stop creating our life through our past mistakes and all the reasons why we shouldn’t be listening to our hearts. How many of you have chattering monkeys going on in your head telling you all the logical reasons why we shouldn’t make a move towards creating our dreams? We will often drag our history, all the ways we have failed in the past into the present and allow the past to be the very logical, rational reasons for not trying anything new or that might be out of our comfort zone.

Consistently and consciously being in the NOW, for the past no longer exists and affirm our desires and the truth of which we are, we are incredible individuals with huge potential to contribute to the betterment of this world. This is the key to busting the negative thinking. You see we all have many thoughts that run through our mind in a day. Our thoughts in and of them selves are neither “good” or “bad,” “negative” or “positive.” It is the emotions (energy in motion) that we give our thoughts that create a positive or negative experience for us. Think of it like taking a plug charged with electricity and plugging it into our thoughts. Now electricity can be used in two ways. It can light up our homes or we can electrocute ourselves.

The same concept applies to our thoughts we can plug in to the ones that support us in creating our vision and experience a lot of positive energy or we can plug into and hang onto the thoughts that prevent us from creating and manifesting your vision.

It’s important to do something, anything, than do nothing at all. Taking one action step a day will bring you one step closer to your vision than doing nothing at all.

Now if you are saying to yourself, “I don’t know what my action step should be?” I would say to you, “If you did know what would it be?” We do know. We have the answers within and when we take the time to connect and align our Spirit that is eternal in the eyes of God and Human and universe imageask inside we do know. Sometimes we need to ask the right question and be willing to hear the answer. How often do we not like the answer we get and try to make a deal with God? Well today I will do something different because my ego needs to be fed and then tomorrow I will do what you suggest? Sometimes the answer is about loving and honoring our self and sometimes it is about getting up off your butt and saying “Yes!” to what is calling you to get done!

Next week I will talk about step 3 and 4. In the meantime, check out my book, A year of possibilities, create a life of purpose and passion.

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