“The ancestor of every action is a thought” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

thinking happy faceThrough out our day we have thousands of thoughts running through our head. Do they all create my reality? No. The thoughts that become our experience are the ones that we emotionalize. That means the thoughts we give emotion to, energy in motion, are the ones we plug into, focus on and energize and manifest what we do or do not desire. This is where we have choice. Plug into the thoughts that don’t serve us, give them a jolt of emotion such as fear, worry, shame, and manifest more of what we don’t want. OR focus on the thoughts of what we desire to create in our life, connect to what it would feel like to be living our vision, joy, love, passion, and empowerment, and start to take action and manifest an amazing life.

Electricity works the same way. We cannot see electricity, yet we know it exists and it can be used in two ways. We turn on the light switch to light up a room or we can stick our finger in the socket and electrocute ourselves.

Which thoughts are you choosing to focus on today?

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