To me, A year of possibilities(TM) is a great tool that takes a complex
concept and makes it more manageable for the average person. I
read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and found the format of the book
great. However, for me, the challenge was applying the principles to
my everyday life. In A year of possibilities(TM) Helen takes the
concept of the Universal Law of Attraction and breaks it down into
bite-size pieces.

We are all part of a collective consciousness and fear drives an
aspect of the universal consciousness. To begin aligning with the Law
of Attraction can be a completely new way of thinking. A year of
possibilities(TM) allows the reader to slowly wean themselves off the
old thinking and belief patterns, and begin to integrate the “Law of
Attraction” into their everyday life. This is done through exercises,
examples and day-to-day activities that are done over a year. Before
the reader knows it, they are tapping into the principles of attraction
from within and living them instead of it being a concept that is “out
there”. This is the true gift of Helen’s book and what sets it apart from
others. I recommend that A year of possibilities(TM) is something we
all read and live. Thank you, Helen for your gift and may you receive
as much as you offer your readers!

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