Each of us in our lives experiences situations that cause suffering. If we ignore the pain, if you try to escape from the pain or of you try to hide the pain, the wounds of our heart don’t heal.

What we must remember is that those very wounds are the opportunity for healing and transformation. These are the greatest opportunities for growth, connection and coming together in community.

We are wounded alone; we heal together.

If we want our wounds healed, then we must be willing to heal others.
Authentic social connection exceeds anything else. Studies show that 25% of the American population have no one that they feel close enough with to share a problem. Today one in 4 people do not have someone to connect with and feel supported. This lack of connection is affecting their health.In truth, isolation and loneliness put us at greater risk for early disease and death than smoking.

Social connection triggers the same triggers the same reward centres in your brain that are triggered when people do drugs, or drink alcohol or eat chocolate. We must become compassionate for others as well as for our pain. Heart-centred community, intimacy, and connection with others are vital to our well-being.

Healing happens when we can be compassionate with ourselves first and then be compassionate to others. Love only happens when we love ourselves first. Love – the self-givingness of Spirit unto itself/yourself – FIRST – This doesn’t occur in our brain. It’s going on in our hearts.

The communication that exists between the brain and the heart to the vagus nerve is remarkable. The heart sends far more signals to the brain through the vagus nerve than the brain sends to the heart.

While both the cognitive and emotional systems in the body are intelligent, more neural connections go from the heart to the brain than the other way around. Both our thoughts and our feelings are powerful,
BUT… a strong emotion can silence a thought. While we can rarely think ourselves out of strong emotion.

Our individual happiness and our collective well-being depend on the integration and collaboration of both our mind and heart. The brain knows a lot, but the truth is that the brain knows, even more, when it joins with the heart. Let’s join in love and support one another and hold each other able. Let’s open our hearts to the possibilities of love.

Love and Blessings,
Rev. Helen Valleau
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