Are you part of a solution or part of the problem? We are part of the problem if we are filled with criticism and withholding of praise for others. This is dishonorable and disrespectful to our selves and others.

There is no excuse to be sour. If we learn to honour the good within ourselves and in others we can release judgment and criticism. Often we cannot change circumstances and yet we can change how we respond to our experience. Having a spirit of honour allows us to plant seeds of goodness, love and joy in our lives.

Set your intention each day to praise yourself and to praise others. When we take the time to make others feel special and stop the gossiping and criticism we open our hearts to receive more goodness, kindness and generosity of others. Generosity begets generosity, kindness begets kindness and praise begets praise.

Today spread the positive, the kindness and the love that is within you.

Affirmation: Today I speak only words of kindness and praise.

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