Gratitude is the memory of the heart.
     ~Jean Baptiste Massieu, translated from French

In continuing off from last week here are the 3rd and 4th steps towards manifesting your vision.


Say thank you! Thank you for this opportunity, this experience, and this outcome. Be grateful for all that we have right here, right now, today. Being grateful for the journey, being grateful for the opportunities that come our way that we can say, “Yes!” to. The energy of gratitude vibrates at a very high level and think of how you feel when you are grateful and expressing gratitude to those around you.

I once was coaching a woman who worked in a bank and she kept saying to me how soulless her job was and she really needed to find something that would give her more meaning in her life. I said, “Honey if you can’t bring soul into your workplace now and be in gratitude for this job you will continue to attract “soulless” jobs in the future and you will never be fulfilled.”

All we end up doing is bringing with us all the bitter resentments of what we thought we experienced in the past into the future. Being grateful and expressing gratitude is another way of aligning our self with our highest self and the love and abundance of the Universe.


How often do we set something in motion and then spend all this time in our heads trying to figure out all the details on how each and every aspect is going to happen?

Stop it. It’s like this, you have a vision for your life, and you are affirming you own brilliance and magnificence, taking daily action…now enjoy your life!

When you go out to a restaurant for dinner with friends, most likely you are having a good time. The server comes along and takes your order for dinner. Now hopefully you continue enjoying your time with
your friends trusting that the server has put in your order and the chef knows how to cook it. You don’t leave your good time to ensure that the chef knows how too cook your meal. You let the chef do his job and you receive his creation and enjoy it. If you don’t like what you received, you can put in another order.

Love and Gratitude imageBeing open to receiving greatness. How often do we say this must be too good to be true or expect the worst? This is too easy or we don’t feel worthy of receiving because it is unfamiliar?

We must learn to enjoy our journey with ease, joy, grace and love knowing that our journey is not often the route we thought we would take. It can be a sequitious one and yet when we expand our mental equivalence for receiving greatness we shall receive greatness and we will start to see the gifts in every experience.

Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

Begin it NOW!

Love and Light,

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