My mission is to support people in living a life of purpose and passion.  I believe that loving kindness towards self and others, being an inspiration to others by fulfilling my dreams and living life with integrity, grace, joy, love. peace and a touch of quirkiness thrown in will make this world a better place for all today.  What I do consciously or unconsciously creates an effect in my life today, tomorrow and in the future.

Yesterday I received this testimonial from a woman who ordered her second copy of my book, A year of possibilities. This person is the first to order a second copy for herself and sent me the following testimonial.  I cried.  I felt such gratitude for her, for everyone and every experience that has shaped me into the person I am today.  It affirmed that I am living on purpose and that feels exciting! Here’s the testimonial.

A year of possibilities was the perfect tool for me to use to prolong my new found inner contentment and laser focus. It helped me to clarify my values and carve out the vision I had for my life. ‘A Year of Possibilities’ is now a critical part of my daily practice. Helen’s format of important questions, positive quotes and reassuring affirmations invokes clarity and helps me to set my intentions. It supports me in choosing how I will show up in my world.

Of all the journals I’ve ever filled from front to back, this one contains the most self-love, the most positivity and the most results. I am astounded when I reflect on the changes I’ve made while using her book. Most of my Vision For My Life was realized within the first six months of using A Year Of Possibilities. I’ve since purchased another copy to fill, and also bought ‘100 Minutes of Inspiration’ to help me intentionally craft the next level of my life.

Kim Bérubé

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