40 Days of Inspiration – 2016



Are you ready to receive a daily dose of inspiration for 40 days to start your day off feeling empowered?

Can you let your life be easy and filled with joy everyday?

Can you give yourself permission to live an authentic, loving life? Feel more confidence? Have more fun?

If so, I invite you to join in with hundreds of people who are starting their day with inspiration.


Have the relationships you’ve always wanted  checkmark

Create more prosperity  checkmark

Feel happier and excited about your life  checkmark



It only takes minutes a day to change your life.

Take the next step and sign up for a daily recording for 40 days

and experience the transformation.




Why 40 days? There is power in the relationship between 40 days and the fulfillment of a promise.

When you are focused on one purpose and work on it daily for 40 days, radical shifts happens inside of you.  

Experience the shifts that can transform and empower you to live from an authentic place.

A 40-day period is a special!

It is a Universal appointed time- frame through which we can provoke radical changes in our lives.


No matter where you are, there is always a next step…


Would you like to:

Know what beliefs are holding you back from living your best life?  

Truly understand the Law of Attraction?  

Learn about the other Laws of the Universe?  

Affirm daily your authentic self?  

Create meaningful relationships?  

Have more prosperity and abundance in your life?  

Give yourself a fresh start to your day?  

Feel energized and inspired? 

Release the primary imprinting that is keeping you stuck?  




You will receive in your inbox for 40 days the following:

An inspirational message to support and motivate you.

Valuable insights on how you can change negative thinking, feelings and beliefs to authentic, empowering ones.

A powerful affirmation to align you with your potential.

A call to action changing old habits into constructive ones.

A connection to your authentic self to build resiliency and self-esteem.


The Cost… $49 for 40 days

That’s $1.23 per day – less than a Starbucks coffee for you to
feel good about yourself and experience ALL that you desire.

You have a power within that you can use for anything you desire to experience in your life.


Here’s what people are saying about 40 Days of Inspiration:

“I have changed the way I think, the way I handle a situation. I have this power, confidence I have never had before and is the most amazing feeling. I always look forward to my time I spend with Helen.”  DL
Dear Helen, Thank you for the chance to grow in awareness and change patterns that don’t serve me! The 40 days gave me many opportunities to look at how I was living my life. Life’s challenges sometimes cause me to feel up against it, but with your daily reminders of life’s blessings I was able to see the lessons in my challenges.” LN
Helen expresses her Genius with great love and wisdom. She has a way of creating a sacred space and communicating that really allows you to open up and receive the Truth of who we are and what we are capable of. Love oozes from her core and you cannot help but absorb and embody it within yourself.”  CM
I thoroughly enjoyed 40 Days of Inspiration with Helen. Everyday I was focused and committed to action.”  LV
Thanks so much for the 40 days of Inspiration!!  It was FANTASTIC and thanks for providing the framework for support, encouragement and growth especially during a rather transitional time for me!!” Melanie Moore
40 Days of Inspiration is an amazing way to start my day and keep me on track far longer than just that day. Kudos to Helen for developing such a transformational program.” Diana T


 Wake up and start your day with the tools

you need & feel inspired to take on the world!


Helen with border

Helen, author of 40 Days of Inspiration, is a passionate teacher, coach and speaker  for 20 years.

She is committed to inspiring others to become the person they want to be
and thereby demonstrating and living their vision for their life with purpose, passion and prosperity.


The Building Blocks of Your 40 Days:










Diving deep and having breakthroughs in your life does not have to be a long, hard journey. Isn’t the whole idea to enjoy life?

To love whom we are instead of working so hard to be something, leaving us feeling exhausted and frustrated?


Give yourself permission to live an authentic, loving life!

Create prosperity and abundance!

Have more joy and fun!